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the massacre in houla friday. the united states signaled it would continue down the diplomatic path to end the bloodshed in syria. but right now the violence is expected to continue. bill: . there is a warning if diplomacy fails the wider region could be drawn into a bigger war. >> reporter: in israel there is a concern about what might happen next. susan rice was talking to the united nations saying if the larger diplomatic push fails, the wider region could be pulled into the conflict. the iranian government says if the united states or other countries intervene militarily in syria, israel will be attacked. there is a concern about israel and iran in terms of the nuclear issue. there is a lot of concern in the middle east about what happens next. right now it is a diplomatic push by the united states and the diplomatic community and the u.n. this seems to be the on real option anybody is considering. right now military intervention is off the table for most of the international community, bill. martha: with that violence escalating by the day, we are getting more images of the civilians
opening in the united states for every 3.3 unemployed americans. pretty tough odds. boy, oh boy, this is a huge story today about the facebook ipo. it officially gets started 11:00 trading today. social networking giant, a huge american success story goes public. it's set to hit the market in a couple hours. 900 million users worldwide came from an idea that was con concocted in a dorm room at harvard. it's valued at $100 billion. try to wrap your head around that number. the price will be $38 a share. it has been ratcheted up as all the excitement continues to gather around this stock. you can see people on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the average invest jr. will likely pay a lot more than that. we'll see what happens at the open. a number of levels why this story is so interesting today. i'm joined by stuart varney. let's deal with the hype first. is this company worth all that money? >> i haven't a clue. that's the honest hans. i do not know whether facebook is a good investment, a bad investment. i don't know if stock is going to go up or down. but i'll tell you
needs 270 to become president of the united states. minnesota will do so this november. also on election day you have got maryland, washington that will vote on same-sex marriage. it's something that will be on a lot of ballots as we head forward. bill: got a fox news alert. massive explosions rocking damascus, syria. the assad regime claiming an attack killed 55, wounding 400. the force of the blast creating compounds leaving massive craters. if the reports are true it's the deadliest attack in the capital since the uprising began. it's getting worse in syria. a difficult place to get information, though. martha: we have a lot of stories and those are a few of them coming up in america's newsroom on a thursday. an entire school, every single student was sent home for the day, and not for bad behavior. bill: new questions about voting and possible voter fraud in a critical battleground states. could hundreds or thousands of non-citizens be registered to cast a ballot? martha: serious concerns about the latest terror threat. why al qaeda may be looking to place bombs in household pets. >>
, right guys? all right, it would be the biggest tax hike in the history of the united states, and it is coming, folks. if lawmakers put off the debt deal until after the election, and nothing is done about the expiring bush tax cuts, virtually every american taxpayer will see their bill go up in the new year. that's a pretty picture on a monday, right? good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum, we are back in america's "america's newsroom". gregg: those are big numbers. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. it is the grim reality that washington is wrestling with and house speaker john boehner is certainly sounding the alarm bill, saying it is time for the president to take charge. >> i've never been shy about leading. but you know, leaders need followers. we've got 89 brand new members. we've got a press disparite caucus. >> some say they're leading stkpwhraou and it's hard to keep 218 frogs in the while barrow long enough to get a bill passed. >> we all know we have to reduce the decifit. we have to do it in a balanced way. the speaker wants to go over the edge. martha:
and the majorities in the united states senate. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. gregg storm chaser capturing a tornado on videotape and yep, it's kansas. this twister has not yet been confirmed but obviously the video speaks for itself. you can see it ripping through this rural area, actually bending some windmills there. no word yet on the extent of all the damages. so far, though, no reports of any injuries. martha: well, victims' families a
are made. bill: what are those demand, dominic? >> reporter: al qaeda is saying it wants the united states to stop its air attacks in afghanistan, pakistan and yemen immediately, otherwise mr. winestein faces an uncertain fate. he says if you accept the demands, i live. if you don't accept the demands, i die. he said it was important that the president accept the demands quickly and not delay. he says there will be no benefit in delaying. it will just make things more difficult for me. he tried to reach out in personal words saying hopefully i can enjoy my two daughters like you enjoy your two daughters. this is the second confirmation by al qaeda that he's been held by the group. bill: he was taken in eastern afghanistan. has he been moved to the more volatile area? report report suspicions are he was moved to the west to waziristan where the majority of al qaeda operatives are in safe haven these days. the al qaeda operatives took him in august. it could be a criminal gang. though the police had no real leads. even the u.s. embassy is remaining quiet about it. he appears to be looked aft
the president of the united states, after four years, can't get a single vote for his fiscal plan for the next decade for america. martha: well, the white house says there was no actual policy in that plan, and democrats are saying there's no need to vote on a new budget because the spending levels were set last summer. what do you say to that? >> well, that wasn't so last year when the president's budget was brought up and voted down 97-nothing in the united states senate. no, they don't have a plan, these are all excuses, the bill that was on the floor was exactly the kind of bill that would carry out president obama's budget, it got not a single vote, the democrats voted against every budget plan that was raised, they didn't vote for a single one, and it's really a stunning event. but what they do, with the american people, they send them more money, they want to raise the debt limit without even a budget, they want people to send more money without telling them where they're going to spend it. i think that's irresponsible and no wonder the american people are not happy with washington. mar
. the united states is now saying that american university has offered a fellowship to chen guanchang. the state department expects the chinese government to quickly deal with an application to allow this blind chinese dissident to travel abroad and come to the united states. okay? this is a deal that appears to be in the works right now. suddenly he is getting a visa it seems or application or permission to come to the united states to study. so the plight of this man all but overshadowing this new round of huge talks that were going on right now on financial security and syria and big trade issues. secretary of state hillary clinton was there for this reason in the first place when all of the rest of this erupted and became the headline story. so peter doocy joins me now live in washington. peter, how long will it take, do we think before we see this man over here coming to the united states from china? >> reporter: there's no precise timeline, martha but we just got word from the state department they will speed things up. spokesperson victoria newland sate the united states govern
be the next first lady of the united states. first ann romney goes one within one with martha. martha: there is a lot of talk about how ugly the campaign will get. now looks like your husband is the presumptive nominee. are you concerned about your faith and your religion and that will become an issue? bill: mrs. romney's response to that question and a whole lot more coming up this morning here. martha: the battle over the border is heating up again. is the white house pushing a plan for amnesty for illegal immigrants that goes around congress? that is question this morning. we'll take a look at it. bill: also a new warning about the military budget. defense secretary leon panetta warning against any pet projects. as republicans say the automatic cuts will decimate our military at a time of war. >> there is no free lunch here. there is no free lunch here. every dollar that is added will have to be offset. martha: search teams finding 12 bodies at the crash site of that russian passenger jet in indonesia. it has been very tough going with the search teams climbing almost vertical slop
reducing his presidency to the size after pose it note. this is a president of the united states. the leader of the free world. who ought to be taking an active role in this conversation. he ought to be taking -- this is the number one challenge facing our country. and he is worried about all kinds of other little things. bill: measure this analyze it with with stuart varney from the fox business network. how do you analyze it? >> i see it the following way. whether or not we get another debt crisis, another standoff, more brinkmanship, if we get to the that point, really it depends upon the results of the forthcoming election. if there is a clear-cut victory for either side, a likely, an agreement is very likely on borrowing more money. if president obama get as second term and democrats keep the senate and maybe win the house as well, clean-cut victory for democrats and president obama, you will raise taxes, keep entitlements and you will get a debt-raising agreement. if republicans take the white house and take control of the senate and keep the house, you will get tax reform,
: the riots we've seen overseas may be coming to the united states at least for one day anyway. yesterday may day, we saw protests that tued violent in seattle after anti-wall street protesters smashed windows of banks and stores. we have seen similar scenes abroad. they threw smoke bombs and faced off with police in the streets there. seattle police made at least eight arrests. similar scene unfolded in san francisco and oakland. the protests were part of demonstrations supposed to be across the country. a little less than expected on that front yesterday. >>> overseas where it may be a tale of two afghanistans. president obama arriving in the country to deliver a prime time address last evening, heralding the coming war, the coming end of the war i should say and just hour later, this was the scene in kabul. [, explosion] martha: massive explosions and gunfire there. they rocked afghanistan's capital. the taliban took full responsibility. they said it was in direct retaliation to the president's visit that end ad short while before that. they warned that this is just the beginning of their
to the united states and potentially around the world and we must make surere that this does not happen. our defenses have to be such that we can keep the american people safe. we have to be on top of this. bill: how many more are out there? >> well of course that's something i can't say, how many more are out there. we need to make sure we catch them before they are out bringing havoc on the rest of the world. bill: is there an slas explanation why there is no alleged bomber? why the suspect is said not to be a threat at this point? what would explain that. >> again i think the information is sensitive. it needs to be held closely within the cia at this point. what we need to make sure we interdict all these attempts. one thing i would like to say. this should be a very positive world for people around the world. the fact that time after time after time we have to foil the plots before they happen. remember they have to be right once. we have to be right every time. so this is a very sensitive issue and something that we have to be on top of. bill: indeed. the reason i asked that question b
the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. gregg: well police have made an arrest in the disappearance of a california teenager. 15-year-old, sierra lamar disappeared on the morning of march the 16th when she le home for school. it was an eerie story we told you a lot about here in "america's newsroom" and now there are some answers colling forth. remember her handbag and her cell phone were found near her home the next day. they have now arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion of kidnapping and murder in this case. the police are saying quote, there is a lot of physical evidence that tie this is suspect to that case. gregg: dozens of catholic institutions now suing the obama administration, all fighting the policy requiring contraception coverage in employee health care plans. this includes schools like notre dame and a long list of archdiocese. >> if you could just eliminate that attempt by
choices out there, bill. i expect to be working with him but here in the united states senate. i am anxious to work with a president who wants to solve these problems and wants to get the country back on the right track. i believe mitt romney will do that. i know he has a lot of people up here ready to go to work with him. bill: in the future we'll have a chance to ask that question. we'll see if we advance it next time. john thune, thank you for your time. >> thank you, bill. bill: patti ann. patti ann: white house weighs in on the north carolina's ban on same-sex marriage. why critics are questioning president obama's evolving stance on issue. bill: providing clues in the frantic search of a kidnapper. the lives of two young girls are in grave danger as their mother and sister are found murdered. >> i think she knew that something was happening. i think she knew something was going to happen. >> as you can imagine, i mean they're just distraught. this is horrible for them. lookg more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from ♪ that's why right h
year that the doctor will spend behind bars. >> united states does not believe there is any basis r holding dr. afridi. we regret both the fact that he was convicted and severity of his sentence. bill: dominic di-natale streaming live from islamabad. >> reporter: dr. afridi is on suicide watch at this hour. we hear he is in a poor fiscal condition. suffering the physical symptoms of deep depression. that suicide watch to set to last for 24 hours. it is quite common for a 72-hour suicide watch after prisoners are given a long-term or hard time verdict or conviction. his family is currently in hiding and his supporters not speaking publicly. they're too scared of retaliation from the massive anti-american lobby here in pakistan. so much rage and vitriol pouring out from all sorts of anti-american quarters against dr. afridi for his involvement in the cia vaccination program in an attempt to find out whether usama bin laden was hiding here. we hear from the pakistan government further rebuff from the shocked reaction from the united states over his sentencing. one official saying ameri
of justice to the united states congress, specifically senator grassley, months later, more than nine months laters -- later, they had to rescind that letter because it was a lie. so we've got a dead border patrol agent, thousands of weapons unaccounted for. i think this meets the standard to making sure we get to the bottom of. bill: i know what your amendment said. i'm not quite sure what it does, however. it says that everybody should be held accountable. that might be nice on paper but i'm not sure what action follows that, if any. >> well, one of the concerns is that they have been lying and covering up what happened in fast & furious, and what this does is i think it will withhold funds from the department of justice to do those activities. we still had 40 democrats who said of course you should be able to use taxpayer money to lie to congress, of course you should. that's how ridiculous this is, but if they do that, if they use these funds to lie to congress and we can demonstrate they lied to congress you've got a whole set of charges that can be laid on. bill: 22 categories in this
. >> neither the united states or the international community is going to allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. we will do everything we can to prevent them from developing a weapon. we are prepared for any contingency in that part of the word. julie:ed henry joins us live from the white house. iran isn't the only hot spot the president is dealing with at the moment. >> reporter: shraoer lee not you look at syria, for example. the slaughter continues. the latest incident, 32 kids killed as well. senator john mccain was on fox news sunday yesterday suggesting that the latest rumblings from the obama administration about maybe working with russia to come up with some sort of a pushing out president bashar al-assad that maybe there is a way for russia to negotiate that. some say that is not enough and the administration needs to do more. >> horrible things are happening in syria. this administration has a feckless foreign policy which abandons american leadership. i know because i visit with these people that they are ready to help these people, and they are already helping them some, but
an invasion of the grand caymans. this is a complicated, complex, international situation. the united states is doing things. they're doing sanctions, they are leading the fight in the u.n. but in the end the question is do we or do we not commit military resores and if mitt romney thinks that's a good idea, frankly he's way out of his league. martha: the feel, though, is, bob and and remarks that this is the end game, that assad will likely not survive all of this and if he does he's going to do it with brute military force, the likes of which the country probably hasn't seen yet, andrea. >> here's the issue and this is so tough, martha, because there are no good guys in this fight. bob is partially right and mitt romney is partially right. look, we do not want to commit troops, i wholeheartedly agree with bob, it's a civil war, we should not be militarizing anything in that country. however, i do -- and mitt romney, to be clear, didn't say that we should. he did say that we should provide arms to the rebels. now, there are dangers with that because the rebels are islamist so are we really
, let that fall on the united states or act themselves. i believe they'll act themselves, i don't believe they'll give their destiny to the united states, no matter who's president and the iranians are marching toward a con tphreubt if they don't change their behavior and if there's a conflict to come with iran, if will be of -- it will be of their choosing, not mine. i don't trust the people with nuclear enrichment at all. they talk, they negotiate and they enrich and it's about to put the world into darkness. martha: it sounds like you have no hope for these sanctions. i know there are stiffer sanctions in terms of oil exports from iran that are suppose to kick in july 1st. do you think that that would put a meaningful stranglehold around them where they would be in a position to start turning over this stuff or no hope for even that? >> i think sanctions have really gotten their attention but haven't changed their behavior. nine only -- the only way they'll stop the march toward a nuclear weapon and they believe if they get a nuclear weapon, the world will leave them alone, i
tense situation for the united states and for china. peter what is going on? >> reporter: well the u.s. ambassador to china says he didn't tell chen to leave. we don't know completely why he has the change of heart and wants to come here the we just heard from a senior state department official that their understanding that the best thing for chen and his family may be changing but the u.s. doesn't have a full view at this point what chen wants to do. it was yesterday that the chinese and u.s. governments had a deal all worked out would have relocated chen to a new home on the coast in china. the u.s. ambassador to china chen was excited about it. he said quote, weed is him what did he want to do? did he want to leave? was ready to leave? we waited several minutes, jumped very excited and said, let's go in front of many, many witnesses. that is no longer the case. at this hour chen is at a china niece hospital undergoing tests by chinese doctors trying to leave with the u.s. delegation, martha. martha: what about the idea of leaving and coming back with hillary clinton on our officia
between pakistan and the united states because at moment they're trying to get nato supply routes open but there could be something the u.s. could put on part of the table as far as sorting out the relationship with pakistan but at time being it is looking to very grim what will happen to shakil afridi. martha: there are a lot of pieces on the chest board as you point out. dominic, thank you very much. bill: an investigation underway in the wake of facebook's disappointing stock performance since it went public on friday last week. the company's stock has dropped $7 a share in three days of trading. some are now asking whether or not the bank that handled the deal gave prefered clients negative information about facebook before the shares went on sale. martha: what a story this has become. stuart varney joins me now, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart when i look back how everybody on wall street was clamoring to be the firm to bring facebook public. goldman sachs lost out on that deal. morgan stanley got it. they have this hotshot high-tech guy there who
america, it's the united states of america. this guy appealed to so many -- even appealed to a lot of republicans, but especially independents, by not getting into the diadviceive sort of -- divisive sort of issues like this that i think this whole issue has laid bare, and caused -- it's a -- and we're talking, you know, six months before the election, he's already grappling with this as a major problem right now. bill: you wonder what sort of hangover linger goes along with this decision. however, also in that poll, this is what it found. of the americans who asked whether or not -- this was all a political -- asked whether or not this was all a political decision, 67 percent say it was grounded in politics and of that 67 percent, 86 percent are republicans and 70 percent of independents, they see it that way. >> yeah, bill. to me that's the big takeaway from this poll. the vast majority of voters saw this for exactly what it was, and the administration basically admits this, that they made the decision, it was a political decision, and they made it literally all within the same w
of home ownre ship in the united states is p falling. it is at a 15-year low. officials are blaming high foreclosure rates and a strong represent almarket for the drop. a judge has ruled that a hotel maid can indeed move forward with a lawsuit against the former head of the international monetary fund. the maid, remember this story, she claims that strauss-kahn assated her i a nework city cotroom. uld it be a ht from new rsernor ri ctie, the lonmi romney pptedmithat uld possiy bonvinc, bi t run as ney's icesint rni me. say h lovesis job as the goveor one jersend odn, itheatest igeo top security clearances are going to the middle east unauthorized with secret bank accounts and the administration doesn't even know it. immigration and customs enforcement, or ice, is america's second largest investigative agencies after the f.b.i. at its hhestel wasames woleyaw a 0 llionudgetnd allly ste rtf t y e ney for hlf vi the hhif uer t rar ian elate t scamteu hdho buy home boa res courtds it c tongyteyyeomriat.2le npo h atasor belement.ilty homeland security is demanding to know what happened. they d
this threat has passed. al qaeda and associated forces still have the intent to attack the united states. and we have seen lone individuals including american citizens, often inspired by al qaeda's murderous ideology kill innocent americans and seek to do us harm. >> reporter: brennan says the al qaeda affiliate in yemen continues to be the most active arm of the terrorist group. martha? martha: thank you, steve centanni in washington. bill: there is new fallout from the secret service prostitution scandal out of colombia. this week 100 agent will take part in a two-day ethics training course. professors from john hopkins university, they will lead the training. last week you remember the secret service announced new rules of conduct for its agents. agents will not be able to bring foreigners to their hotel rooms and not be allowed to drink excessively before reporting for duty which might be --. martha: sounds like a pretty good idea, right? excellent advice. police are now saying that envelopes filled with white powder and delivered to wells fargo branches in new york were not toxic. a
direction. martha: who has that conversation, who's the best stpherpb. >> the president of the united states needs to call president putin and say this is unacceptable behavior. if you want to be part of the civilize dollars world, stop aiding the assad regime. martha: it's interesting, when you think back to that conversation with medvedev about how after my election, i'll have a little more flexibility, and now, you can't help but think shouldn't that moment have been used to say look, you know, we will not stand for what's going on in syria, i'm not going to say this in a public speech right now but you need to realize that we are not messing around with this. >> no, and in that, the president is promising in essence to give up our limited missile defense capabilities. iran is important here as well. the president knows if he does anything to oppose the assad regime, he could kiss goodbye the prospects of negotiating with iran over their nuclear weapons program. to me that's not great loss since that negotiation was never going to work, anyway, but obama has real difficulty in admitting t
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)